Greenleaf Farm is located in Upcountry Maui at 2300 ft. elevation.  This elevation allows us to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables year-round.  Our major crops are yacon, (a native food of Peru), taro (the ancient food of Hawaii), bananas, cherimoya, many types of citrus, and lots of veggies. 

We have recently designed a large worm composting (vermicomposting) area where we can remove the compost tea for foliar feeding at any time and also harvest the compost on a regular basis.  This is boon to an organic farm. 

We have 4 compost piles in alternating stages of development.  We regularly have a pile that is finished, one that is finishing and one we are currently adding to with yard waste and kitchen waste.

Our 40 chickens also give us manure that we add to the compost pile to ensure a rich production of black gold.  We gather horse and cow manure where we can to add those nutrients to our compost operation.

We also grow cover crops to increase the soil fertility.   We alternate cover cropping in our yearly planting schedule which gives back nutrition to the soil as well.